Ultraman Rising 2024

Ultraman: Rising 2024

Ken’s father difficulties stem from his early years, when he watched his father put himself in danger as Ultraman and take off to save the day. As Ken tries to make sense of it all, Emiko’s obsession with baseball creates an odd atmosphere in the home. In “Ultraman: Rising,” the action jumps ahead 20 years to find Ken returning to Tokyo after living in America for a while. He is still troubled by his family’s past, namely Emiko’s unexplained disappearance and his father’s separation from him. “Ultraman: Rising” delves into both personal and professional turmoil. Ken accepts a job with a nearby baseball team and is marketed as a miracle worker. Which sparks animosity within the squad almost away. Watch Latest English Movies and TV Series in HD on Soap2day Watch Movies.

Duration: 117 Min