Fallout 2024

Fallout Season 1

74k votes, average 8.6 out of 10

In the first episode of Fallout, a stark wooden cross can be seen in a cemetery lit by the moonlight. IV bags hang from each arm of the cross, sending yellow liquid to a tomb. Within that cemetery is the body of Cooper Howard, a former cowboy who rose to prominence as a western film actor before being shunned owing to communist sympathies. Cooper lived in a distinctly retro-futuristic version of the United States, where the 2070s were marked by growing conflict between America and China. Despite the historical period, this parallel universe appeared to be trapped in the 1950s, complete with black-and-white televisions, vintage cars, and friendly robots assisting apron-clad housewives with their daily jobs. Almost all life on Earth was extinguished when the bombs were detonated, resulting in mutually assured annihilation. Over two centuries later, a cautious mercenary group unearths Cooper’s grave, finding a tightly bound coffin. They let go of the handcuffs and waited patiently. Cooper emerges from the coffin transformed, resembling a more self-aware and theatrical Nosferatu. This renowned gunslinger, known as the Ghoul, has been cursed with near-immortality in decaying flesh as a result of his exposure to radiation during World War I. Enjoy the Hollywood latest movies now on Soap2day website.

Duration: 60 Min
Number Of Episode:1-8