Dead Boy Detectives S01E01

Dead Boy Detectives Season1 E01

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At the start of Dead Boy Detectives, Edwin Paine George Rexstrew and Charles Rowland are chased by a haunting figure in a museum. Edwin insists they destroy the cursed gas mask and asks for Minor Arcana Volume 4 with the fire spell. Charles realizes he left it at the office, despite having a backpack full of items. They escape from the masked man, with Edwin jumping through a mirror to a new location. Charles follows shortly after. The World War 1 ghost appears, and the chase continues. A nurse visits Edwin and Charles the day before to warn them about the ghost. Edwin sets the mask on fire, saving the ghost. He tells Charles they must hide before Death arrives to take him. They witness Death claiming Wilfred, who had been fighting old battles for too long and died a century ago. Stream the new movies online at home now with Soap2day.

Duration: 60 Min