This Is Me... Now 2024

This Is Me… Now 2024

The film’s opening montages tell the Puerto Rican tale of star-crossed lovers Alida and Taroo, which concludes with her riding a motorcycle and pursuing an unidentified driver as they race over a huge desert. Not too long after, The Artist collides with a heart factory, and JLo gets a star-worthy musical welcome. She joins in on the chorus of “Time is Precious,” sings melancholy into the camera, and races against time to solve a mystery pertaining to the rose petal supply there. However, in the next song, Rebound, we see her at her best. This song showcases her best dance routines and fierce on-screen character, and it shows her locked in a glass house with a crafty companion. Explore latest Hollywood stories now online here on Soap2day HD.

Genre: 2024
Duration: 65 Min

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