Reptile 2023

Tom, a native of Philadelphia who recently joined a new police department, is eager to contribute after facing criticism in his previous position. Trouble begins when Will, Summer’s wealthy real estate agent lover, finds her dead body. Will has a wife named Judy and a boss named Robert. Robert is brought in to look into the situation in an effort to find out more about Will and the other suspects, which include problematic neighbor Eli and Summer’s ex-husband Sam. The lack of leads exposes Tom to his coworkers and forces him to focus on the facts and his connections. Wally is a bumbling police officer, and Dan is his less-skilled partner. Tom scans the surroundings while watching Will, who carries on with his business and personal affairs while attempting to be as helpful as he can while aware that not everything is as it seems. Watch Soap2day movies now at home.

Genre: 2023
Duration: 134 Min

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