Neon Lights 2022

74 votes, average 4.7 out of 10

Neon Lights is an innovatively wound suspenseful thrill ride that is more similar to a horrible look inside a confused psyche. Clay is a tech monster and visionary, yet he is beginning to lose it. There is even a danger to eliminate him as CEO of his own organization. A syndicated program interview regresses rapidly when he is called out about his own precariousness and the fate of his product business. A sympathetic specialist attempts to assist Clay with pushing through his culpability and dread. Clay welcomes his alienated family to his country manor for the end of the week. These are individuals he hasn’t addressed or seen, in over 10 years, so it gets off to a prickly beginning. His sibling Benny is transparently contemptuous and threatening to him. Benny’s significant other Clarissa continues to need to streamline things, as we gradually understand each of the three siblings has a thing for her. Their standoffish, erudite, little girl Blair looks on attentively.

Genre: 2022, Thriller
Duration: 94 Min