Malum 2023

Through a diptych of terrifying images from 2022, Malum is introduced. In the first, police-obtained film depicts four kidnapped young ladies being terrorised by members of a Manson-like cult under the leadership of John Michael Malum in the barn of a pig farm. Malum’s mere presence on camera seems to blur and distort the video. After leading a successful assault on the commune, Captain Will Loren is still appalled by his experience with the now-dead Malum and his own failure to free one of the four imprisoned women in the first. The police officer, who has been hailed by the media as a hero, as a result, goes on a shooting rampage at his place of employment, murdering several of his coworkers before turning the gun on himself. Enjoy all of the latest Soap2day Movies at home.

Genre: 2023
Duration: 92 Min