Lover Stalker Killer 2024

Lover, Stalker, Killer 2024

The former pair, Dave and Amy, are depicted starting afresh in the documentary Lover Stalker Killer. Dave was left behind when Amy moved to Nebraska and began her own family. He signs up for an online dating service and meets Liz, whom he believes is the one. However, Dave has to put up with the woman’s harassing when things don’t work out. In the documentary, it is shown how learning that one of the women is following him around completely upends Dave’s world. However, the case is fully revealed as things start to get even stranger. This eerie documentary shows how easily someone may ruin other people’s life. The fact that there is no simple mechanism for the law to deal with stalkers highlights how difficult it is to capture and prosecute them. There are unexpected turns and the struggle for the truth. It also illustrates how difficult it could be for the authorities to get the information. Watch Soap2day full free HD movies.

Genre: 2024
Duration: 90 Min