House of the Dragon Season 2

House of the Dragon S02E02

Cole’s shame and Aegon’s contempt with Alicent. Rhaneyra assembling the parts. This was the gasoline if Luce’s passing was the match. Every scene was so expertly performed; like I said last week, the performers, especially Rhaenyra and Daemon, exuded confidence in their roles. Otto had a few moments that stood out, but I believe Aegon is this episode’s MVP. When it came to expressing his feelings, Tom Glynn-Carney was in his element. He has demonstrated that Aegon is a genuinely dynamic psychopath by displaying remorse, disgust, fury, and vengeance in addition to the humor and foolishness he displayed last week. We watch as the guards pour out into the corridors, escorting personnel, closing doors, and responding to the killing. Watch Hollywood Films and TV Shows in HD Online on Soap2day Movies.

Duration: 69 Min