Halloween Ends 2022

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In “Halloween Ends,” which is set four years after the events of David Gordon Green’s “Halloween Kills,” Laurie Strode, who is dealing with the loss of her daughter Karen and her most recent battle with Michael Myers/The Shape. She is writing a memoir on her life in Haddonfield and how she has watched the once-charming town degenerate into violence and turmoil. She resides with her granddaughter Allyson. Myers has vanished. But in Corey Cunningham, a 20-something who is charged with killing a child he was watching, Haddonfield has discovered a new bogeyman. The truth, however, is that Corey accidentally shoved the child down a flight of stairs as Corey was being pranked by the child. However, since all they require is a punching bag, nobody is interested in the reality. When Laurie encounters Corey one day, she saves him from a gang of bullies. She tries to lead him along a path of atonement. Sadly, destiny has other plans for him.

Duration: 111 Min