Bandit 2022

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Gilbert Galvan Jr., who was struggling to balance economic constraints and criminal activity in the middle of the 1980s, felt the effects of the Reagan administration. Gilbert escapes from a Michigan jail and travels to Canada while working odd jobs and assuming the alias Robert Whiteman in an effort to make sense of his life. Gilbert starts to research how banks operate and discovers that there is little security in financial organizations, which gives him the chance to steal large sums of money with little hindrance from the outside world. Gilbert starts his quest by dressing up and making plans. He travels throughout Canada while romancing Andrea, and he meets Tommy, a local mobster, who becomes his sidekick. Gilbert is quickly identified by Detective Snydes, who is striving to stay one step ahead of the happy thief as he plots bigger robberies, in order to bring Tommy down for his numerous misdeeds.

Duration: 126 Min