Am I Ok 2024

Am I OK? 2024

Lucy is currently involved with Ben, but she feels uneasy about their relationship. This creates a situation where Ben is left wondering about Lucy’s true feelings. The main focus of the story revolves around Lucy’s uncertainty. She questions her own well-being with the recurring thought of “Am I OK?” Throughout the narrative, Lucy gradually realizes that her struggle with heterosexuality is unnecessary, ultimately accepting her attraction towards women. One particular woman, Brittany, a touchy-feely massage therapist, catches Lucy’s attention and makes her feel overwhelmed as she navigates this new chapter in her life. The emotional journey of the main character often leads to tears, but luckily, Jane is there to provide support. Things take a turn when Jane announces her plans to leave the country, leaving Lucy without her best friend’s support. Stream all latest movies and TV series in HD on Soap2day.

Duration: 86 Min