A Quiet Place_ Day One 2024

A Quiet Place: Day One 2024

Sam is coping with a terminal disease and making an effort to get along with Reuben. A nurse who is concerned about her failing mental state. Rueben’s straightforward strategy is derailed when he brings the patients to New York City for a visit. Ferocious aliens with keen hearing arrive and begin murdering noisy New Yorkers who are running for cover. After surviving the first wave of danger, Sam and her cat must quickly navigate a world that has been completely flipped upside down. She is unable to speak as she attempts to process the catastrophic event that is happening in front of her. Henri, the family man, provides some assistance, and Sam finds Eric, a businessman who is clinging to the stranger for support due to shock, as a stray. rather than leading. Watch Famous Hollywood Films and TV Shows in HD Online on Soap2day Movies.

Duration: 110 Min